Written By Sam M. Edwards

Meghan Chavalier was born March 22, 1969 in Hurley, Wisconsin.

Meghan Chavalier is one of the most famous transgender women in the world, from movies, music, books, modeling, magazines and LGBT Activism. She has said many times that just because she is transgender, it doesn't mean she isn't able to do everything single thing she's ever wanted to do, even when people told her no. She has been a driving force in the transgender community for almost 30 years, and it doesn't appear she will stop anytime soon.

She was raised in Hurley, Wisconsin in a strict Catholic family. She left home after she graduated high school in 1987. She took a Greyhound Bus to San Antonio, Texas where she would live the first six months before moving on to Albuquerque, New Mexico which she has often referred to in interviews as "her real home."

She didn't actually become "Meghan Chavalier" until 1991 when she did her first stage shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then performing under the name Meghan Crawford. The Crawford part of the name was soon dropped and she chose the last name Chavalier from Maurice Chevelier, but changed the spelling of the last name to make the name stand out. The name has been misspelled many times over the years, but she still remains Meghan Chavalier with A's instead of E's. She has said, "It doesn't matter how they spell my name as long as they know how to pronounce it."

It was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that she befriended Alex Forrest. The two of them would eventually move to New Orleans, Louisiana where Meghan began peforming at a small club on Bourbon Street called Papa Joe's where she would remain working for the next 4 years. She has called her stage work "grueling" but gave her the strength to move forward with other goals she had in her life. She performed 5 nights a week, and did 17 shows a week as Madonna, Cher and Annie Lennox. She would perform as all three characters in each show every night she worked.

Left To Right Joan LaMaar, Stephanie Danderson, Alex Forrest, Meghan Chavalier

Eventually she felt that she no longer wanted to do stage work, and decided to move to Hollywood, California. The year was 1995.

When Meghan first moved to Hollywood she had no idea what her next step would be. Fate would step in. Her friend Kimberly Devine told her about a photographer named Patrick Barnes who lived in Orange County that was looking for models for Transformation magazine. Meghan never thought about modeling but the pay was good so she took the job.

Meghan would go on to shoot many pictorials for Transformation magazine and its sister magazines. While she was shooting one day, Patrick asked her if she'd be interested in doing a video to go along with the pictures. She said absolutely.

On the set of her first film, TS Centerfolds, she met Mistress Persephone. They became fast friends and Persephone asked her if she'd be interested in shooting smoking fetish videos in San Francisco. She decided that it was a good idea, and the next step to where she should take her career.

Meghan went on to shoot 18 smoking fetish movies for Up In Smoke Productions and they ended up being their top selling videos at the time. The year was now 1996 and thing we're about to change.

She also befriended Gina Lance who helped launch her into the media with her show TV/TV and helped land her on the cover of TV Epic. Patrick Barnes and Gina Lance along with Marlayna Lacie were a huge part of Meghan Chavalier being noticed in the industry from the beginning.

(Five of the many magazine covers Meghan Chavalier has appeared on)

After doing the movies Meghan was offered a role in an adult film. At first, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go that route but ended up doing the movie. Her first movie in the adult film world was Transsexual Prostitutes 4 for Devils Films which she would eventually form a business relationship with.

Meghan also shot an independent feature during this time called "Pop Kowboy ." The film was eventually released in 2012. The film was actually completed in 1999 but not distributed until 13 years later.

After appearing in the first Devils Film Meghan Chavalier's career took off in the adult film industry. She was flying all over the country, shooting movies, doing magazines, calendars, and becoming famous. In 1998 Meghan Chavalier would become the first transgender performer in the industry to sign a contract with Devils Films. Although their work together only lasted a mere 6 months she was able to direct, write and act in her own series of videos.

Meghan has said many times over the years, "Being in adult films made me famous, but it never made me rich."

In 2001 Meghan decided to end her adult film career and only appeared in one final adult film as a favor to a friend in 2004.

In 2005 she released her first book, The Mystical Journey The Book of Elandor under a pen name. In 2012 the book was re-released under her stage name Meghan Chavalier and being sold exclusively through Amazon.com for Kindle. She originally wrote the book under a pen name because she didn't want people to associate her new work with her old work and wanted to be taken seriously as a writer. In 2012 she changed her mind and switched gears re-releasing the book through Amazon under the umbrella of Meghan Chavalier Productions.

After the first book, she took more time off and began writing her autobiography. She released her autobiography Confessions of a Transsexual Porn Star in 2007. The book has been a huge seller for the genre. She was also the first transgender adult film star to release an autobiography into the mainstream.

In 2008 Meghan Chavalier changed everything up completely and took everyone by surprise by releasing the first of three CDS. The first CD simply title "Meghan Chavalier" the second "Songs From The Inside Realm" the third "15 Minutes." After the release of these three CDS Meghan waited a year and released "Just Dance" and "Universal Star Machine" again working exclusively with her long time music collaborator DJ XXXavier.

Also, in 2008 Meghan started Stopping The Hate Human Rights Coalition for the LGBTQ Community focusing on issues facing the LGBTQ Community.

In 2009 Meghan Chavalier became the first transgender adult film star to be honored with the Transgender Erotica Lifetime Achievement Award from Grooby Productions.

Meghan released her newest song "Fetish" with DJ XXXavier in January 2020.